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Bleeding gums, or gingivitis, is a common dental concern that we treat in our Edmond, OK dental office. When caught early, Dr. Bryan Bumpas helps patients stop gingivitis in its tracks before it progresses to gum disease. Both gingivitis and gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque and tartar surrounding the gum line. Over time, this buildup irritates your soft tissues causing them to bleed when you brush or floss your teeth. The best way to prevent gingivitis and gum disease is to schedule regular dental appointments with our practice. We recommend scheduling preventative appointments once every six months to ensure that we can clear your dental structures of all harmful buildup.

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Treatment for Bleeding Gums in Edmond, OK

Often, bleeding gums can be treated with a thorough dental cleaning performed by our dental professionals. However, if your bleeding gums progress into gum disease before you reach our office, you may need more extensive services like periodontal disease treatment. Dr. Bryan Bumpas is your trusted restorative dentist in Edmond, OK. He is happy to provide you with all of the necessary treatments you may need to restore your smile following gum disease.

While bleeding gums are usually not a dental emergency, they are a good indication that something is off about your smile. If you notice a small amount of blood in the sink after brushing or flossing, make sure to check and see when your next dental appointment is scheduled. Your gums should never excessively bleed, and if they do, you should report this to our office as soon as possible, especially if you notice bleeding after having a dental procedure. We recommend rinsing your mouth out with salt water to encourage healing for your bleeding gums.

Brushing and flossing regularly is the best way to prevent bleeding gums at home. However, even patients with the most thorough oral hygiene routines can still struggle with plaque and tartar buildup. Once plaque has hardened into tartar, it must be removed by a dental professional. This is why we encourage patients to come in for regular dental cleanings.

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