Missing Teeth Edmond, OK

Missing teeth are more than just a cosmetic problem. When teeth are removed or lost, a cascade of changes can occur that affect the health and stability of your entire occlusal system. Whether you are missing one tooth or several teeth, Prairie Dental can help. Dr. Bryan Bumpas is your trusted restorative dentist in Edmond, OK. He can provide a wide variety of treatment options to replace your missing teeth and revitalize the look, feel, and function of your natural smile.

Treatment for Missing Teeth in Edmond, OK

Replacing Missing Teeth in Edmond, OK

Missing teeth can negatively impact the cosmetic appeal of your smile. Additionally, missing teeth can create new spaces in your smile for food residue and bacteria to hide. Your teeth are meant to work together when performing daily tasks like chewing and speaking. When you are missing a tooth, these tasks can become more difficult, leading to tension headaches, jaw pain, and even further dental damage. This is why we recommend replacing missing teeth sooner rather than later.

At Prarie Dental, we offer a wide variety of restorative solutions. Depending on the needs of your smile, Dr. Bumpas may suggest dental crowns, dental implants, dental bridges, or dentures, and partials to replace missing teeth. When you schedule a restorative consultation with Dr. Bumpas, you will leave our office with a personalized treatment plan designed specifically around the needs of your smile.

Dental crowns are great for patients who have a severely damaged tooth but want to avoid the need for tooth extraction. Dental implants and dental bridges help patients conceal missing teeth by securely fastening a prosthetic tooth in its place. Both dental implants and dental bridges come with a variety of benefits. To determine which will meet your needs best, consult with Dr. Bumpas at your next appointment.

For patients missing a full arch of teeth, our custom-made dentures and partials can help restore your smile. We take the time to ensure a proper fit so that you get to enjoy life with a full set of teeth again.

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