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Dr. Bryan Bumpas

Dentist in Edmond, OK

Bryan C. Bumpas DDS

Bryan has been practicing dentistry for over 20 years! Yes, he is THAT old! 50 to be exact. He has an awesome head of hair and stands at 5'4 1/2. What that means for YOU as a patient is that he has SMALL hands and a gentle touch. He did use to wrestle in high school though, so if you're into that, make sure you mention it and he will start reliving the glory days

Bryan graduated from OU School of Dentistry and started his own practice in Guthrie, OK before building his dream office in the heart of Edmond, OK. He is married, has 2 children, 2 dogs and 1 cat. When he is not working, he rides his bicycle, chows down on some Charcuterie boards, reads and watches TV with his family. He loves to have fun and enjoys the occasional prank (always on him, of course)


Ruby Bumpas 

Office Dog

Ruby is Bryan's chocolate mini schnauzer. If Bryan is in the office, Ruby is here too, lounging in his office. Ruby likes to bring Riley Rhino, Ellie Elephant, Falalalallama and Rawley Rooster with her and play fetch with the girls. Her favorite snacks are Trader Joe's mac n cheese, Chex Mex and summer sausage. She does NOT like pretzels though! Oddly enough, the only person she is scared of in the office is Danielle.

Should Ruby be wandering about the office when you come in, she will bark, but she will calm down if you pet her. We try not to let her out when patients are here, but occasionally she is a stinker and will go looking for her Daddy.

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