Meet The Staff


Reagan Guthrie

Office Manager/ Lead Dental Assistant

When it comes to office pranks, felt board ideas or anything to do with having fun at work, Reagan is ON it! Reagan has been known to show up in full costume on Halloween, decorate the office for holidays and has even been the Elf on the Shelf. Reagan and her husband have 4 kids (yes, 4... It was not a typo) and a 2 pound Silky Terrior. When Reagan isn't working at her favorite dental office, she is either doing school work or is at one of the many sporting events or practices that her kids are in. Want to talk about sports? This is your girl! Beware though, because she's a Texas A&M fan and a Houston Astros fan.

Reagan is Dr. B's lead assistant and doubles as his office manager, working side by side with Karissa at the front.


Danielle Dilbeck

Registered Dental Hygienist

Danielle has the most contagious laugh in the office. You can hear her joking and laughing throughout and patients love how happy and bubbly she is. Danielle loves ORANGE Starburst, UNSWEET tea and ranch dressing. Favorite restaurant? Anywhere that serves Chicken Tendies! The rest of the girls cannot get away with playing pranks on Dr. B with Danielle around, because her giggling tips him off to it.

Danielle has a way with patients where they feel encouraged to do better with their home care and can suggest different techniques and tools to have great oral health. Right now, Danielle works here on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Kattie Edgin

Anyone a Halloween lover? Well, Kattie is our Halloween enthusiast because... Every office has to have one, right? I mean, she goes ALL out, from home decor to jewelry to costumes. Kattie is more on the quiet side, but is incredibly sweet and detail oriented. She comes in early and stays late to make sure patients have the best experiences. She has also been known to come in on her unscheduled days, just to take care of her patients if they are having a hard time finding a time that works for them. Kattie and her husband have 3 dogs and they are their babies. Kattie is here on Mondays and Tuesdays and is hoping to come on full-time now that we are in Edmond.

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